Road Transportation Services

Known by many names like road transport or road haulage, road freight is typically the transportation of cargo or consignments through roadways. It is the classic form of logistics present globally and one of the most opted modes of transportation. If required then road freight can be combined with other modes of freight like air and sea, to facilitate door-to-door delivery.

Now you can receive or send consignments to any part of the globe with safety, security, and peace of mind just by hiring professional freight transport services. We at P World Logistics Inc. handle your transport via road from source to destination. Being the most renowned global service providers, we maintain a huge network structure on various continents for road freight transport. Our experts will offer you economic and personalized solutions based on the weight and volume of your consignment.

We combine transport management services to transport execution so that we can fulfill all your needs on the road. Our global network of control units and advanced technology will monitor and provide you with time-to-time information about your shipment throughout its road journey and make sure that your consignment is traveling on the most efficient route.

The network that we follow at P World Logistics Inc. provides flexibility, amazing service levels, quick delivery, reduced inbound and outbound costs, and takes out the complexities from the process.

Why choose us for your road transportation?

Being the most versatile global service provider P World Logistics Inc. is always ready to take your back so that you can focus on growing your business and we will take care of the rest.

Cost-Efficient- We offer the most cost-efficient service and make sure the process stays out of any hidden costs. Road freight is best for small to medium-size businesses as it is the most economical and cost-efficient of freight transport.

Flexible- We will make your consignments reach their destination most safely and securely. As there are roads in every civilized place, road freight allows the transporter to flexibly choose the route and mid-way drop-offs. Road transport has reliable transport time.

Door-to-door delivery- We at P World Logistics Inc. offer safe and secure door-to-door delivery. We will collect your consignment from the loading point and drop it at the destination, without the need for multiple handlings. You will be provided with proper tracking records so that you can check the current position of your goods.

While these are some of the favorable reasons companies prefer road freight, we at P World Logistics Inc. offer a variety of options to get your road transportation safe and on time. The types of transportation options we offer include:

  • Drayage
  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • Truckload
  • Flatbed Trucking
  • Refrigerated Trucking
  • Dry Freight Trucking
  • Padded Vans

Your goods, from origin to destination, without setbacks.

You can simply reach out to us for your personalized route planning to simple or complex destinations. In addition to that, we also offer a comprehensive range of services like transportation monitoring, insurance guidelines, and customs benefits, all in line with your needs.

Your consignment will be handled and loaded most safely to make sure it goes through a safe journey. We have years of experience which makes us able to handle all types of consignments and we promise to provide delivery in optimum state and on time.