Fulfill your consumer’s needs when, where, and how they like to purchase by connecting global retail logistics and supplier expertise with industry-leading technology and multimodal services.

Ensure to have the right inventory at the right time to fulfill consumer requests and retailer necessities. As in a world where in-store experiences must compete with the massive range of online shopping prospects, retail supply chains are a crucial element to success.

Increase timely performance and accuracy while managing daily retail compliance measures based on inventory needs. It is achievable with our industry-leading technology and experienced professionals.

What sets our retail logistics services apart

Flexible services

Achieve timely improvements and efficiencies incomplete performance with our global suite of services including Truck Load Consolidation, Ocean, Reverse Logistics, and Last Mile.

Customized plans

Fulfill your customers’ needs and lessen potential compliance fines with the assistance of retail professionals who understand your needs and the significance of meeting tight delivery windows.

Supply chain visibility

Get an idea about where your inventory is, even when it is in motion. To keep up with the market, know the value of end-to-end visibility. We at P World Logistics Inc. make it our top-most priority to keep you up-to-date about your consignment.

Receive goods at distribution centers, stores, or homes with the supply chain strategies developed by our global network of professionals specifically for the retail industry.

When speed is everything to market, rely on professionals who understand the requirements of your business and the changing transportation market. The growth you are looking for is only possible through short-term chain procedure improvements led by people who are not afraid to think creatively.