With dedicated healthcare logistics professionals, you can satisfy the critical delivery dates and reduce risk and avoid upsets.

We are here to save lives and improve the quality of care through a strong supply chain and logistics strategy that delivers products on time.

When it comes to the transportation and delivery of essential healthcare products, caution is paramount. Gain confidence in your most required shipments through real-time supply chain visibility. Count on our safety protocols, GDP certification, and market-leading technology for the shipment of vaccines and medical devices to pharmaceuticals and therapeutics on time.

What sets our healthcare logistics services apart

Visibility and reliability

Get a clear idea about where your shipments are and when they will reach with the excellence and technologies used by our experts at P World Logistics Inc.

Safety and security

We always ensure to follow high-value security protocols to protect against supply chain susceptibilities when patients count on you to deliver.

Specialized services

With our multimodal set of global services, you can lessen the need for multiple logistics providers. We at P World Logistics Inc. provide services including ocean, customs, air, and even surface transportation.

Trust the professionals who understand what it takes to make a secure, resilient supply chain with surgical precision.

With the help and support from trained healthcare logistics professionals keep your important healthcare shipments safe and secure. By following established protocols for healthcare and medical products, our professionals work diligently to deliver optimization, cost reduction, and ongoing improvement strategies that can drive better results for your business.