Are you looking to deliver chemical shipments safely and accurately, well now you can do that with our chemical shipping experts and a global technology medium.

Conquer the intrinsic hazards involved in shipping chemical and plastic products. We at P World Logistics Inc. offer special handling options for corrosive items, we have strict processes for products that come through obedience regulations.

Safety and security are the topmost priority when you are shipping hazardous or non-hazardous materials. Trust our dedicated logistics teams to get the specialized equipment and qualified carriers for your chemical supply chain so that we can reduce the hazards throughout.

Apply our deep expertise in your industry to construct a chemical supply chain that defends your health, protection, safety, and environmental endeavors.

What sets our chemical and plastic logistics services apart

Carrier validation

We maintain the quality of the service through proper and timely validation and monitoring. We validate insurance properly, perform detailed site audits, and review security and safety.

Reliable delivery

A secured and temperature-controlled van will be provided whenever you require it. Talking about the single transportation challenges to an entire outsourcing option, P World Logistics Inc. is here to take your back and meet your changing requirements.

End-to-end visibility

We always believe in offering end-to-end visibility that is you will be fully aware of where your consignment is. The real-time visibility of the shipments helps in lowering the risks and other emergencies.

Meet our chemical shipment experts who can help you proactively by guiding the changing transport marketplace and executing customized, market-leading shipping resolutions.

Apply our knowledge, experience, and expertise to the chemical and plastic industry to have safe, responsible, and reliable consignments. Our experts will act as an extension of your team and help you comprehend your objectives, supplying in-depth expertise in your company and enterprise.